A Scene Straight Out of Crime Novels: 100 Tourists Trapped in Agatha Christie’s House

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A Scene Straight Out of Crime Novels: 100 Tourists Trapped in Agatha Christie’s House: More than 100 people found themselves trapped in Greenway, the former home of renowned British crime novelist Agatha Christie, on Friday. The rural estate located in Southwest England became the setting for a real-life mystery reminiscent of Christie’s suspenseful novels.

A Stormy Encounter in Greenway

In a series of events that seemed to be lifted directly from the pages of Christie’s mystery novels, a group of tourists became stranded after a powerful storm brought down a large tree, blocking the road leading to the property in Devon County, England.

Caroline Haven’s Account

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Caroline Haven, a tourist visiting Greenway, contacted the local news agency “Devon Live” to report that approximately 100 tourists were trapped in Agatha Christie’s former holiday home.

The National Trust’s Swift Response

The National Trust, the organization responsible for managing the historic site, quickly published a statement on their website, announcing the fallen tree that obstructed the road leading to Greenway.

Ensuring Comfort During the Wait

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A spokesperson for the National Trust acknowledged the presence of “visitors, staff, and volunteers still in Greenway, unable to leave,” emphasizing that the organization was doing everything in its power to ensure their comfort during the wait.

Commendation for the Caretakers

Caroline Haven praised the efforts of the staff in caring for the tourists, stating, “They have done a fantastic job and provided us with tea and other complimentary items.”

Embracing the Atmosphere of Agatha Christie

According to the National Trust’s website, Agatha Christie herself spent many hours at Greenway, enjoying activities such as golf, croquet, and entertaining guests with excerpts from her latest crime novels.

Exploring the Surrounding Gardens and Crime Scene

The stranded tourists were granted the opportunity to explore the gardens surrounding the house and the famous boat-house that serves as the crime scene in Christie’s novel “Dead Man’s Folly.”

A Connection to Christie’s Iconic Novel

Despite the tranquil ambiance of the house, some social media users couldn’t help but draw parallels between the incident and Christie’s iconic novel “And Then There Were None.” The novel tells the story of ten strangers mysteriously invited to a secluded mansion off the coast of Devon, where they are gradually killed off, realizing that the murderer is among them.

Social Media Buzz

A social media user shared a link to a “Devon Live” article with a tweet counting down: “99, 98, 97, 96, 94 (chilling), 93.”

A Less Gruesome Ending

However, the fate of the trapped tourists had a less sinister outcome compared to Christie’s characters. They were able to leave the property on Friday evening after local rescue services successfully reopened the road.

An Extended Wait for Christie’s Magic

Those eager to experience the enchantment of Agatha Christie’s novels will have to wait longer, as the National Trust announced the closure of Greenway due to “extensive storm damage” in a subsequent update on Saturday.

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