Air Algérie Expands its Fleet with 7 Airbus Wide-body Aircraft

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Air Algérie has signed a contract with European aerospace manufacturer Airbus for the acquisition of seven wide-body aircraft as part of its fleet expansion plan, aiming to open new routes in Africa and Asia.

Air Algérie Signs Contract with Airbus for Delivery of Seven Wide-body Aircraft

According to the Algerian Press Service (APS), the contract was signed on Wednesday, May 31, between Air Algérie’s CEO, Yacine Benslimane, and Airbus Vice President of Sales for Africa and Middle East, Hadi Akoum. The contract involves the delivery of five A330-900 aircraft (280-320 seat configuration) and two A350-1000 aircraft (350-450 seat configuration) to Air Algérie, starting from the second quarter of 2025.

Air Algérie Expands Fleet with 15 New Aircraft from Boeing and Airbus

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In late April, the Algerian airline announced the provisional allocation of its aircraft acquisition contract to Boeing and Airbus, with a total of 15 new aircraft. The contract for the purchase of eight narrow-body aircraft was signed with Boeing on May 17.

The approval of the order for 15 new aircraft, granted by the Council of Ministers last month, is part of Air Algérie’s fleet expansion plan to add 40 new aircraft by 2025. This plan is a key element of the company’s turnaround strategy, as its current fleet consists of 56 aircraft. The acquisition of new planes will enable the airline to operate on all 36 airports in the country and expand its services to new destinations in Africa and Asia.

Air Algérie Elevates Travel Experience and Market Presence

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Air Algérie has demonstrated its commitment to development and modernization by expanding its fleet with the acquisition of 15 new aircraft from renowned manufacturers Boeing and Airbus. This significant step showcases the company’s dedication to enhancing its services and providing an exceptional travel experience for its passengers. The addition of these new aircraft signifies Air Algérie’s proactive approach toward meeting the growing demands of the aviation industry and catering to the evolving needs of its customers. With this fleet expansion, Air Algérie is poised to strengthen its position in the market and further establish itself as a leading airline in the region.

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