Air France launches its low-cost subsidiary, Transavia, to challenge Emirates

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Pounded for over 15 years by Gulf carriers, particularly Dubai’s largest airline, Emirates, Air France is fighting back by launching its low-cost subsidiary, Transavia, for reconquest. This Tuesday, Transavia announced the opening of two routes to Dubai for the upcoming winter season, starting at the end of October, departing from Lyon and Marseille with three flights per week for both connections. This offer aims to compete with Emirates, which has been present in Lyon and Nice for years. Emirates’ flights to Nice attract customers residing in Marseille’s catchment area.

Point-to-point traffic

This counterattack targets the so-called “point-to-point” customers (as opposed to “connecting” customers) traveling to Dubai, a segment that continues to grow. For years, the majority of passengers traveling between France and Dubai on Emirates flights mainly used the Gulf airport to reach India, Asia, Australia, or East Africa.

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Air France’s subsidiary, operating these connections with Boeing 737-800 aircraft, has launched aggressive prices starting from €159 one-way including taxes. Such pricing is necessary to compensate for a less comfortable service.

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