Easiest Schengen Visa Country to Obtain

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The Russian Tourist Union has recently endorsed Hungary as a promising option for obtaining Schengen visas among Russian passport holders. This allows them to explore the rest of Europe, particularly because certain countries do not issue travel documents to them at all.

Schengen Statistics and Rejected Applications

Contrary to expectations, Schengen statistics unveil that Hungary doesn’t have the lowest percentage of rejected visa applications from Russian citizens. Instead, nations like Spain and Finland consistently deal with higher volumes of applications and rejections.

Recognition Rates: Hungary vs. Spain and Finland

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In Hungary, 90.9% of the 27,595 visa applications from Russian citizens were approved. Comparatively, Spain achieved a recognition rate of 92.5% for 2022, while its consulates granted approval to 154,450 out of 166,893 Schengen visa applications from Russian passport holders.

Finnish Approval Rates

Finland also demonstrated a high recognition rate, with 93.4% of Russian applications approved (105,323 out of 112,737 total applications). As a result, the rejection rates from Spanish and Finnish consulates were relatively higher due to the greater number of applications submitted by Russians.

Poland’s Remarkable Recognition Rate

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Poland stood out as the country with the highest recognition rate, a remarkable 98.4%, resulting in merely 25 visa applications being rejected. However, it’s important to note that the application rates to Poland were lower in comparison to other countries.

Recognition Rates in Other Countries

Other countries with notable recognition rates for approved visa applications include Lithuania, boasting a recognition rate of 96.1%, followed by the Netherlands (94%) and Latvia (93.3%). Hungary’s recognition rate for Russian visa applicants positions it as the eighth most lenient country for visa issuance.

By examining recognition rates and visa application volumes, it’s clear that Hungary ranks among the most accommodating countries for Russian travelers seeking Schengen visas, although Spain and Finland handle greater applicant numbers.

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