Expatriate employees are welcome in New Zealand with 3500 positions.

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New Zealand government is working on bringing new expatriate employees to cover the shortage labour in many fields .

New Zealand the New destination for expatriate employees:

Expatriate employees
WellingtonNZ  is working on getting more expatriates.

New Zealand major authorities are working on a recruitment process with WellingtonNZ to captivate more overseas employees.This came after the women’s football World cup, which took place from July to August 2023 in both Australia and New Zealand.

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Alongside tourists of “great qualities that spend a lot,” the government is seeking workers to  balance the labour deficit that they are facing since the huge increase of immigrant citizens. Positions are open for expatriates in certain fields such as video games,technology, and even medicine . “These people are priority,” said John Allen, ceo of Wellington NZ.

WellingtonNZ recruitment process for expatriate employees:

Over 3500 positions are open for overseas employees, 200 of which are paid more than 200,000 New Zealand dollars per year, according to the agency’s proposal for immigrants. Also, the city is one where you would be able to visit everything simply on foot, it is located near the nature, only few kilometers away from the mountains or the ocean.A stable economy and unemployment rate of 3.4% were great arguments used to convince new immigrants workers to come across New Zealand.

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An advertising campaign  has been settled in New York, bringing nearly 1,000 Americans to apply for positions in Wellington.  John Allen was satisfied with this operation calling it a success .” talent pool for Wellington” he said describing North America. 

What is needed to apply for a role?

Applying for a role needs a good preparation ,so the applicants can demonstrate their skills and experiences the best way possible.

  • Application process:

The applicant is required to answer some online questions and to attach a resume (CV) .

Only one document can be attached, so you can add your cover letter or any other file you wish to attached to the same document as your resume.

This information would be used to choose the best candidate for the role.

      • Tips for your CV and cover letter:
    • Ensure your CV includes the experiences that much the role requirements.
    • List your qualifications and work history, including the recent one.
    • Include a summary of your past and present responsibilities and achievements.
    • Watch errors and spelling mistakes on your CV.
    • In your cover letter ,clarify why you are the best for this role and why they should hire you.
  • After looking through the applications, the ones that the closest to match the role will be invited to an interview .
  • You will be contacted by the hiring manager about the interview confirmation. Normally you would be asked to describe the experiences you put on the CV,if it’s limited you can use an experience from non work setting.
  • After the interview and references checks , the hiring manager will contact you with a verbal offer for the role if you are  the chosen applicant.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will receive an Email regarding the decision.

New Zealand government is working on bringing more overseas employees to cover the shortage labour especially since the number of expatriates has dropped after the pandamic between april 2020 and march 2022.But it’s facing a great increase since the border restrictions are eased by now.

Statistics said that there is 105,150 people arrived on work visas by the first six months of 2023, it dropped just few hundred from its level in 2019 pre-covid where it was 123,492 travellers who arrived to New Zealand with work visas.

Authorities are expecting another increase of expatriate employees with work visas in the next following years , if they keep up with this recruitment process of expatriate employees.

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