The 10 Top Airports in the World 2023

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Airports are the lifeline connecting people and places around the globe. Every year, many of them try to improve their services and raise the standards in order to rank among the best.

So, what are the world’s 10 top airports in 2023? 

The 10 Top Airports in 2023 According to Skytrax

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These are the top airports in 2023 according to the Skytrax World Airport Awards:

Singapore Changi Airport

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top airports

Singapore Changi Airport was named the World’s Best Airport in 2023 at the World Airport Awards. It has now won the World’s Best Airport award 12 times in total. 

Additionally, Changi also won awards for having the best airport dining and leisure amenities. In fact, it is known for its amazing food options, shops, lounges, and entertainment.

Winning these worldwide airport awards proves that Singapore Changi offers outstanding services, facilities, and activities. No wonder it remains a favorite for both regional travelers and long-haul passengers passing through Asia. 

Doha Hamad

top airports

The second place goes to the Hamad International Airport in Qatar. It is also an award-winning airport. It is known for having some of the world’s best airport shopping and luxury pop-up shops.

In addition, the architecture and design of Hamad International Airport is beautiful. Many describe it as one of the most luxurious and architecturally impressive airport designs globally. 

Tokyo Haneda

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Tokyo Haneda International Airport is the busiest airport in Japan. It is located less than 30 minutes south of downtown Tokyo. Even though it is busy, Haneda is considered the cleanest airport in the world. It has three terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and the international Terminal 3.

Seoul Incheon

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According to Skytrax, Seoul Incheon is the 4th top airport in the world in 2023. It is the biggest and busiest airport in South Korea. This airport is known for having great facilities, keeping customers comfortable, and being very clean.

Incheon is designed to be user-friendly. It has excellent airport amenities like free WiFi everywhere. It shows off the best of South Korean efficiency and hospitality.

Travelers usually praise Incheon for its smooth operations, relaxation areas, and local Korean cuisine. 

 Paris CDG

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Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is named after Charles de Gaulle, a famous French statesman.

This major airport has great entertainment and shopping for travelers. Shopping ranges from duty-free to high fashion boutiques. 

The airport’s unique architecture provides open spaces filled with light. 


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Istanbul Airport has just one main terminal. But don’t let that fool you! This airport still offers travelers the best dining, shopping, and lounge spaces. 

In fact, Istanbul Airport aims to be the biggest global hub between Asia and Europe.


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Munich Airport is the second busiest airport in Germany. It serves over 48 million travelers each year. The airport offers great shopping and dining. It has 2 terminals, 150 shops, and 50 restaurants.


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Zurich Airport is the busiest airport in Switzerland. It is located just 12km from downtown Zurich. Zurich Airport has great amenities for travelers passing through. They can freshen up in the shower facilities or pamper themselves at an airport spa before a long flight.

Tokyo Narita

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Tokyo Narita Airport provides unique services for travelers. It has the world’s first voice-powered airport guide app called NariCo. This app can answer passenger questions using voice recognition. 

Madrid Barajas

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Madrid Barajas Airport in Spain is one of the best airports in the world. It aims to make traveling easy for all passengers. Moreover, it has many types of amenities like play areas, pharmacies, luggage storage, free WiFi, and more. 

How Does Skytrax Rate Airports?

Skytrax ranks airports based on metrics like airport star ratings, infrastructure, technology, benchmarking, quality audits, passenger satisfaction surveys, hygiene audits, baggage delivery, and safety. 


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