The 5 Best Carry-on Luggage in 2023: Lightweight, Affordable, Elegant, and Durable

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Obviously, carry-on luggage is essential for easy and stress-free travel. But it can be a bit difficult to choose the right one. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the five best carry-on luggage options in 2023 according to Glamour magazine experts.

carry-on luggage

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These 5 carry-on luggage are all lightweight, affordable, elegant, and durable, which makes them the perfect choice for any traveler.

So, keep reading to find your perfect travel companion!

FPM Milano Spinner 55 Cabin Suitcase

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carry-on luggage

The first carry-on luggage on the list is the unique FPM Milano Spinner 55 Cabin Suitcase. It comes with the following features:

  • Size: 39.8 x 55.1 x 24.3cm.
  • Weight: 5.5kg.
  • Fancy leather carry handle.
  • Padded interior.

According to Adrienne Faurote, a writer, editor, and brand consultant at Glamor Magazine, FPM carry-on checks all the boxes.

“It checks all of my boxes. it’s lightweight, extremely durable, and can fit a lot more clothing than you think at first glance—while being an incredibly chic travel piece.” She explained.

PARAVEL Aviator Shell Carry-on Luggage

carry-on luggage

This shell carry-on luggage comes in the following specifications:

  • Size: 55 x 23 x 35cm.
  • Weight: 3.71kg.
  • It is made entirely from recycled materials, from the hard polycarbonate shell to the nylon interior.
  • TSA-approved locking features.

Indré Rockefeller, cofounder, CEO, and creative director at Paravel, explains:

“I worked for over a year on developing the perfect piece of luggage, and I’m so happy it’s finally here. It has amazing wheels, zippers, and handles, but it’s also sustainably manufactured, using recycled polycarbonate, recycled aircraft-grade aluminium, recycled YKK zippers, and a luxurious lining made from post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles.”

TUMI International Carry-on 19 Degree Polycarbonate Suitcase

carry-on luggage

It has the following specifications:

  • Size: 55 x 35.5 x 23cm.
  • Weight: 3.23kg.
  • TUMI Tracer® plate luggage tag.
  • Three-stage telescopic handle.
  • Built-in USB port.

Clifton Cabin in Azure

carry-on luggage

This Clifton cabin has the following features:

  • Size: 20 x 40 x 55cm.
  • Weight: 2.8kg.
  • 11 colors.

This carry-on luggage is Georgia Trodd’s, a GLAMOUR commerce writer, favorite.

She explains: “Perfect for long weekends or holidays where packing light is your only option, this spacious silhouette is my trusty go-to for its organised interior, sturdy exterior and swift mobility.”

Georgia adds: “A godsend when you’re zipping through the windy queues of airport security. In terms of how much it fits; I’ll always suggest the addition of packing cubes, but you can actually cram a lot inside without them.”

Stamford Cabin in Khaki

carry-on luggage

This carry-on luggage from Stamford comes in the following specifications:

  • Size: 54 x 40 x 20cm.
  • Weight: 2.77kg.
  • 360-degree rotating wheels from Mitsubishi.
  • Packing capacity of 37 litres.
  • USB charging port.
  • Additional compression divider/sleeve.

Denise Primbet, a Glamor commerce writer, explains why this carry-on luggage is her favorite.

“The Stamford Cabin Suitcase has been my travel companion for the past few months, and I’ve been seriously impressed with both its sturdy build and handy features. An easy 10/10 from me,” said Denise.

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