The 3 Best European Destinations According to a Travel Expert: Have You Visited Any?

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September is a favorite month for many travelers looking to spend their summer holidays in Europe. That’s, basically, due to lower costs, pleasant weather, and smaller crowds compared to the peak season. 

Travel expert Laura Lindsay from Skyscanner provides some timely tips and recommends 3 of the best European destinations to visit this September. Let’s discover them together!

Tips from the Travel Expert Launa Lindsay for a Budget-Friendly Stay

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European destinations

“Compare, compare, compare. Prices are fantastic, but it’s always worth doing that extra bit of research not only to save money to make the most of the flights from your chosen departure airport. You might discover you can try somewhere you hadn’t thought of or that was previously out of reach.”

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“Also, combining different airlines for the outbound and return legs of your trip can seriously cut costs. Fares don’t have to be booked as returns. Look at flying out with one airline and back with another to save money.” said Laura Lindsay.

Laura then revealed her choices for the ideal 3 destinations for a September vacation in Europe. 

The Best 3 European Destinations in September 

When asked for her top picks to visit in Europe this September, Laura recommended the following: 

Ibiza, Spain

“The first destination I’d recommend is Ibiza. Even if you don’t want to go clubbing, there are many other things to do on this beautiful Balearic island.” Laura said.

European destinations

“Take a walk along the historical centre of Dalt Vila, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, populated with 16th century, Renaissance bastions. Stroll the old marketplace and of course, check out Ibiza’s best beaches to take your pick of sand and sun.” She added. 


Laura’s second best destination is Croatia. 

She said: “Another September favourite is Croatia. The crescent-shaped Adriatic country is famous for its Gothic Renaissance cathedrals, Soviet Era landmarks, and old cobblestone towns.”

European destinations

“Croatia is also blessed with endless shores surrounded by lush forests, where you can enjoy an extension to your summer stretched out on secluded coves. Head to Kraljicina beach, on the island of Nin, for its long strip of sand and beach bars, or find the 800+ yards of sandy strip surrounded by pine trees at Sakurun beach.” Laura explained. 


According to Laura, September can also be a great time to visit Albania.

She said: “Albania is definitely rising as a real contender. With beaches which rival its Mediterranean neighbours and culture galore, it’s one to watch. Albania is a diverse country with beaches, cities and mountains to explore.”

European destinations

In summary, Laura Lindsay recommends Ibiza, Croatia, and Albania as the best European destinations in September.

Furthermore, with her expert advice, you can plan a memorable end-of-summer holiday. 

So, Have you been inspired to visit any of these recommended destinations? Let us know if Laura’s picks have given you ideas for your next European holiday! 

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