The way to become a pilot : is it difficult

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If you’ve been always dreaming of becoming a pilot, you have to read the following article for further information about this exciting, yet very stressful and hard job.

The way to become a pilot!
The way to become a pilot

As a beginning you will need to decide which license you would like to obtain, as there are different types of Pilot Licenses.

The way to become a pilot: Types of pilot’s licences

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1. As an airline pilot with a CPL (A)-license, you’ll be able to fly aircrafts which are navigated by only one pilot. Commercial pilots with a CPL (A) license operate single-pilot cargo and passenger aircrafts. Commercial pilots may also work as co-pilots on aircraft that must be operated by two pilots. Their tasks include preparing and executing the flight, as well as many organizational tasks.

The professional pilot’s activities range from checking weather data and precisely navigating the aircraft to preparing prescribed reports.

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2 . If you managed to obtain an ATPL (A)-license, you will be able to fly aircrafts as a commercial airline pilot. While having a CPL (A)-license allows you to act as a pilot in command of a small piston aircraft, an ATPL license is necessary to operate any aircraft as a Captain/ PIC, which is over 5700 kgs (MTOW) max take-off weight.

Airline pilots with an ATPL (A) license operate large cargo and passenger aircrafts that are flown by two pilots. The team in the cockpit consists of the senior captain and the first officer. Both are licensed pilots.

The captain is also responsible for the cabin crew. The tasks of an airline pilot include preparing and executing the flight together with the crew, as well as many other organizational tasks.

The activities range from checking the weather data and navigating the aircraft precisely to preparing prescribed reports. As a commercial airline pilot, you will also have the opportunity to be promoted to a senior captain.

3 . In order to become a Professional helicopter pilot, you have toobtain a CPL (H)-license. Among general requirements for training as a commercial helicopter pilot CPL(H) are the following: Age should not be less than 17 years at the start of training and not less than 18 years when acquiring the license.

Possession of a Helicopter private pilot license PPL-H according to EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) and medical certificate Proof of participation in a “First Aid ” course.

Types of pilot Licenses
Type of licences

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The way to become a pilot: the way to get into th cockpit.

The way to get into the cockpit is not easy and needs a lot of time, effort and money. It starts usually through a flight school. This may be a private flight school, or an airline’s school. In both cases, you will bear the training costs of about 65,000 Euros.

Financing models could help facilitate a career starting as a pilot. Training can be completed at a full-time or part-time aviation school.

Duration of the training is between seven and 24 months. As an aviation student, you will learn how to fly in theoretical lessons, flight simulators and during training flights. At the end of the training there are both theoretical and practical exams.

private flight school, or an airline's school
private flight school, or an airline’s school

Certain requirements must be fulfilled for all three pilot licenses. For example, a medical examination confirms your suitability for flying. German FFA checks whether you comply with all relevant standards of security and whether your physical size meets certain criteria.

Proficiency in English and other languages is often required in addition to knowledge in first aid, mathematics and physics.

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