Wizz air 2024 : 20 years of service

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Wizz air is a  well-known Hungarian budget airline, and one among of 10 airlines dominating Europe. It serves many destinations across Europe, and also north Africa and the Middle East and South Aisa.

Wizz air

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Started in September 2003 with jozséf varsde


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Low cost

If you are wondering about how good and qualified wizz air is , you must see people reviews.
The pros: cheap tickets/wide rage of destinations/booking online/loyalty program with exclusive deals and discounts./multiple ways of purchasing tickets ( the cheapest way is to book from the app or the website)Purchasing them directly from Wizz Air via phone call will add a tax of 15 euros or pounds, depending on where you are calling from. buying it from travel agencies will coat you extra charges/you can get travel insurance directly from the website during the booking process. 

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