Airplane :3 boarding mistakes to avoid according to a flight attended

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Boarding mistakes
Boarding mistakes passengers must know

Flight attendants face a huge number of travellers with different personalities during their flights,that can make some boarding mistakes or during the flying process in general. 

Do you know that certain behaviours are instantly noticed by the crew, and not for good reasons?

3 boarding mistakes passengers do often:

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  • A flight attendant on tiktok revealed 3 annoying mistakes not to do.

The australian flight attendant Cici  pinpointed some mistakes mistakes not to do during boarding ,in her tiktok account .

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On a video titled ” things to do and not to do during boarding” t Cici revealed three things passengers do, that should be stopped.

  1.  Wearing big and overstuffed backpacks . Actually passengers should be able to lift their luggage and put it in the headbin and not leave it laying around blocking others .This should help preventing any possible injuries within travellers and the crew. 
  2. When you get to your steat don’t start fussing over your stuff such as books ,headphones, phone chargers… in your bag,  you are preventing other passengers from reaching their seats. Instead, put what you need in a handbag for easier access.
  3. The third advice is to avoid using  electronic devices at the moment of boarding.
     The last thing she pointed at is using phones during flights (watching movies, video calls…etc).
    ” it’s better to use headphones if you’re attending to use your phone ” said cici.

Cici is a flight attendant who shares useful travelling, packing tips on tiktok and instagram under the name of@Cici.inthesky with 367k followers.

What do people think about this 3 boarding mistakes?

The flight attendantflight attendant pinpointed in her video that lifting luggage to the headbin is not the crew job.the passengers should be able to lift it on his own .

People response to this advice were positive,implying that respecting crew members is common sense and a necessity.


Some comments said :
” I have been strucked by random bags countless times, I sit on the side and I swear young passengers have no idea what to do with their luggage  ” someone said.
Other comments said that these things should be common sence.
” people wait for hours before their flights yet they decide to search for stuff when people are being seated” someone commented.

Common flying mistakes passengers mush know:

There is a set a rules any traveller should follow when up in the air.These rules are set in order to keep everyone in the aircraft safe and comfortable.

Here is some annoying behaviours according to flight attendants:

  • Taking restroom breaks during take-off and landing. Instead,try to use the restroom during calm periods.
  • Not wearing a seat belt when they have to.
  • Placing shoes in the aisle,it should be under your seat instead,to avoid the possibility of anyone tripping over them and get hurt.
  • Retrieve belongings from the overhead bin before landing completely.
  • Being rude or violent to crew members.

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