Etihad airways 2 decades of experience

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Etihad Airways is the second largest airline in the UAE after Emirates . Etihad started operations 20 years ago in July 2003.

Etihad Airways Prepares to Welcome 4 Million Passengers During Summer Vacation

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Air travel is booming , according to the Managing Director of Etihad Aviation Training. “The number of passenger journeys on the world’s airlines is expected to double within 20 years”  causing an increase of the demand for pilots and other aviation professionals.


Working as a pilot :

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Aviation is a unique career that offers rewarding opportunities in your worki and personal life. Pilots have the opportunity to travel the world and visit countries they didn’t explore yet ,depending on their daily work schedule.

Also, it’s a high paying job which would get you a competitive salary and other benefits like discounts, health insurance …etc throughout your career, regarding your airline work policy which differs from one to another.

 Etihad Pilots salary :

The average salary for an Airline pilot is $169,311 per year in United States, and the average Etihad Airways salary of $168,287 per year .

Here is a list of the typical salary and benefits on Etihad airways :

  • Starting salary of AED 26,000 or USD 7,075 per month.
  • Flight duty allowance of AED 40 per fliying hour.
  • During layovers,meal allowances ( rate of AED12 per hour in middle east, GCC,sub continent .AED15 per hour in AISA/FAR EAST.AED18 per hour in Africa /Australia .AED23 per hour in Europe/Amirecas).
  • Housing allowance of up to AED160,000 per year or company provided housing.
  • Education allowance of AED 36,000 for primary schooling and AED50,400 for secondary schooling (up to four children ).
  • Annual leave of 42 days.
  • Income protection scheme.
  • Staff travel benefits.
  • Accidental and life insurance benefits.
  • End-of service benefits.


Etihad Airways programs ” Silver guest “:

Types of Etihad Airways Cards and Their Features
Etihad Airways Cards

What is Silver guest program? 

It is a special program for Senior citizen , you can sign up on the Etihad website for immediate benefits.

UAE nationals over 60 years are welcome to join the Etihad Guest program for  immediate upgrade to Etihad Guest Silver status, you will be able to enjoy “Silver status” benefits from day one.

What does the program offer?

This program is created to make sure that your flights are stress free and more enjoyable whenever you book in .

Etihad Silver Benefits and Baggage Allowance in Etihad Airways
Etihad Silver Benefits

Once you complete the form on the website you’ll be able to get :

  •   a 10% discount on Etihad Airways flights.
  • free seat assignments in Economy Class and discounts on onboard duty free.
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