How to Book with Qatar Airways

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Booking Qatar Airways Tickets To book a ticket with Qatar Airways, you can visit the airline’s website at the official link.

On the website, you can enter your travel details, such as your departure and arrival cities, dates, and number of passengers. You can also choose your desired cabin class and fare.

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Once you have entered your travel details, you will be able to see a list of available flights. You can then select the flight that best meets your needs.

After selecting a flight, you will be taken to a page where you can review your booking and purchase your tickets.

Qatar Airways Features

  • Qatar Airways is a leading global airline with a modern fleet of aircraft, a dedicated team of flight attendants, and excellent service.
  • The airline offers a variety of in-flight amenities, including comfortable seats, delicious food, and entertainment options.
  • Also offers a loyalty program, Qmiles, that allows members to earn miles for travel and other rewards.
How to Book with Qatar Airways
How to Book with Qatar Airways

In-flight Services

  • offers a variety of in-flight meals and snacks, prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients.
  • The airline also offers a variety of entertainment options, including movies, TV shows, and games.
  • Qatar Airways provides a variety of amenities for passengers, including Wi-Fi, in-flight power, and blankets and pillows.

Qatar Airways Destinations

  • flies to over 160 destinations in more than 100 countries around the world.
  • Qatar Airways Fares
  • fares vary depending on the destination, cabin class, and date of travel.


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Qatar provides passengers on its flights with the Oryx One Play app, which can be preloaded through smartphone app stores. This app offers access to around 4,000 different entertainment options suitable for various tastes and ages, including international movies, animated films, video games, TV shows, musical compositions, and songs, all accessible on personal devices.

 Entertainment in Qatar Airways
Entertainment in Qatar Airways


Qatar Airways offers passengers on its flights a range of amenities to ensure comfort and enjoyment during their journey. These amenities include foldable, fully reclining seats that can transform into beds with adjustable headrests and sleep accessories. Passengers can also enjoy free wireless internet services, as well as OnAir for text messaging and international phone calls. Personal screens and headphones with dedicated controls are also available.


Qatar Airways provides a shopping experience at Hamad International Airport in Doha, where travelers can explore duty-free markets spanning 40,000 square meters. These markets offer a distinctive selection of customs-exempt products from luxury global brands, including watches, cosmetics, clothing, and accessories.

Destinations Served by Qatar Airways:

Qatar Airways operates flights to over 160 domestic and international destinations worldwide, covering all six inhabited continents. Some of the major destinations include:

  • Flights between Doha and various cities.
  • Flights to and from Marrakech.
  • Flights between Doha and Beirut.
  • Flights to and from London.
  • Flights between Doha and New York.
  • Flights to and from São Paulo.
  • Flights between Doha and Cape Town.
  • Booking Qatar Airways flights to and from Delhi.
  • Flights between Doha and Bangkok.

Qatar Airways Ticket Prices:

Here are some Qatar ticket prices for reference:

  • Flight from Doha to Dubai for 729 Saudi Riyals.
  • Flight from Doha to Kuwait for 774 Saudi Riyals.
  • Flight from Doha to Riyadh for 1,386 Saudi Riyals.
  • Flight from Doha to Cairo for 1,160 Saudi Riyals.
  • Flight from Doha to Istanbul for 1,480 Saudi Riyals.
  • Flight from Doha to Dammam for 1,603 Saudi Riyals.
  • Flight from Doha to Beirut for 1,756 Saudi Riyals.

Contact Information for Qatar Airways:

Qatar has local and regional offices in many countries around the world, including:

  • Dubai: 00-971-4229-2229 (for reservations).
  • Abu Dhabi: 00-971-2621-0007 (for reservations).

In Saudi Arabia:

  • Dammam: 920001159 (for reservations)
  • Jeddah: 920001159 (for reservations).
  • In Egypt, Cairo: 0020222652629 / 00201227698269.
  • Website: Qatar Airways Website

Qatar Airways Entertainment Options:

  • A fast-touchscreen display for browsing and enjoying movies and games.
  • Food prepared by world-class chefs for exceptional in-flight dining.
  • A variety of non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Luxurious bedding and sleepwear designed by Italian fashion house Frette for added comfort.
  • Special attention to child passengers, with dedicated TV channels and advanced entertainment options, including video games, making travel a special experience for kids.
  • Numerous special services, including unaccompanied minor assistance and assistance for passengers with special needs.

Qatar Airways Ticket Changes and Refunds:

  • Passengers can request refunds within 7 days if the flight is canceled or changed by the airline.
  • The refund process takes between 14 to 28 days, and the amount will be refunded in the original payment method according to refund policy.
  • If the ticket is not fully used, the refunded amount will be subject to service fees deducted from the actual fare.
  • If the ticket is partially used, the difference between the paid amount and the applicable fare will be calculated after service fee deductions.
  • Generally, refunds are issued in the original payment method.
    Refund fees depend on membership and class of travel.

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