Booking Websites: Top 9 Best Reliable Airline Ticket Booking sites in 2023

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Airline ticket booking sites save us valuable time by making it easier to book or buy a ticket through a smooth and easy interface. We have chosen for you the best 9 platforms through which you can book your ticket.

1- Travelocity: (Hotels, Flights Booking)

First we have Travelocity, Travelocity is owned by Expedia, and it primarily provides flight booking with pricing displayed in various colors. The site simplifies the homepage compared to Expedia but doesn’t offer flexible date searching. In the search results, visitors can find essential information about baggage fees by clicking on the drop-down menu for each fare. This makes it somewhat challenging to compare Travelocity’s fees for each leg of a multi-stop journey, taking into account factors like flight duration, aircraft type, and the available onboard amenities, rated from “very good” to “poor.” Travelocity charges fees for some flights, not all.


2- Expedia:

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Expedia is quite similar to Travelocity, but prices may vary between the two websites for some search or booking processes, as is the case with Travelocity. These websites can save you a lot of money, but it’s essential to compare prices before completing your booking. On the results page, there’s an option for “Flexible Dates” to help visitors determine if cheaper flights are available if they change their travel dates by a day or two. Expedia imposes variable booking fees (which are not always the same as Travelocity’s fees). When visitors select their fares from the options list, there’s an intermediate step that shows what’s included and not included in the fares, including seat selection, cancellation, changes, and baggage rules.

Top 9 Trusted Flight Ticket Booking Websites
Top 9 Trusted Flight Ticket Booking Websites

3- CheapOair

CheapOair is a website similar to Travelocity and Expedia, which are platforms that offer flight booking and search services. CheapOair and OneTravel are essentially two versions of the same product, owned by Fareportal Inc. Both CheapOair and OneTravel charge the same booking fees, ranging from zero dollars (free) to thirty-five dollars per ticket.

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Although both websites are owned by the same company, their fare results may not always be identical. Therefore, it’s advisable to check both platforms and compare prices.


Excellent Far

CheapOair offers some “Excellent Fare” options, where the airline is not revealed until after booking. This means that visitors won’t know the baggage fees until after booking. While this may be seen as a drawback by some, it doesn’t significantly diminish the site’s value.

4- TripAdvisor

When testing flight booking websites, visitors may find that TripAdvisor doesn’t always offer the cheapest prices or focuses solely on discounted airfares. However, it provides other valuable traveler services. TripAdvisor always presents options to view results from Expedia, Travelocity, and other booking sites, allowing for easy comparison within the platform. TripAdvisor’s flight searches also include useful filtering options, such as non-stop flights.

5- Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a renowned search engine that collaborates with hundreds of other travel service providers to find the best prices. You can easily search for non-stop flights directly from the homepage. There’s also a helpful “Everywhere” option if you don’t have a specific destination in mind.

Search results include a “Best” option (based on a combination of price and speed) in addition to quicker and cheaper options. You can filter results by airline, alliance, number of layovers, and flight times. Skyscanner often presents very affordable prices.

6- OneTravel

OneTravel’s interface resembles Google Flights’ search feature. After entering departure and destination airports, the calendar is pre-filled with prices for flexible date planning. One drawback is the high service fees, up to thirty-five dollars per ticket. OneTravel also offers various flight itineraries, with most displayed at the top of the results page. Some of these itineraries may include additional layovers, so it’s crucial to ensure you’re comparing the exact same options.

7- Google Flights

Google Flights is a simple and powerful ad-free search engine. After inputting departure and arrival airports, the calendar is pre-populated with prices, making it easy to target low-cost dates. Once you obtain search results, you can track prices for your selected dates and receive email updates. Google Flights also offers a “Price Graph” feature, displaying a bar chart to help users identify the cheapest times to book.

8- Hopper

Hopper is a flight booking website and app known for its accurate price predictions, often up to ninety-five percent in advance. It starts by inputting departure and destination cities and then uses a color-coded calendar to indicate price fluctuations over time. Afterward, users are shown the lowest price along with advice on whether to book now or wait for price drops. Hopper also has a “Price Prediction” section that identifies likely price increases or decreases.

9- Kayak

Kayak, owned by, is favored by many users for its similarity to Google Flights in terms of functionality. It offers filters for non-stop flights, baggage fees, specific airlines, connecting airports, and more. Additionally, Kayak allows users to search for flights while specifying the number of checked bags they plan to bring, which is especially useful for families. Kayak also provides clear and helpful COVID-19 policies, such as cancellation windows and cleaning protocols, and enables email price tracking to keep users informed about price fluctuations.

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