Airline Safety : Air France Excluded from Top Ranking of Most Reliable Airlines, Absent from Top 20

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The annual ranking of the best airlines was published by on January 3rd. In this edition, Qantas was crowned as the safest airline in 2022, dethroning Air New Zealand, which had held the top spot the previous year. After falling to 7th place in 2021, the Australian carrier has now reclaimed the first position.

Moreover, Qantas has an impressive track record of achievements in the field of operations and safety. It is considered the most experienced airline in terms of aviation safety.

How Establishes Their Ranking?

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The establishment of the ranking of the best airlines involves the evaluation of various factors by experts. These include accidents and serious incidents, the average age of the aircraft, measures related to the Covid-19 protocol, pilot training, and operational advancements.

In the latest ranking, Etihad Airways secures the third position, followed closely by Qatar Airways in fourth place and Singapore Airlines in fifth place. It is necessary to reach the sixth place to find a European airline, namely TAP Air Portugal. However, major European carriers like Lufthansa and British Airways rank among the last five in terms of airline safety.

Air France’s Position in Airline Safety

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In terms of airline safety, Air France, which held the 16th position in the 2021 ranking, appears to have disappeared from the list this year. However, its partner KLM, since 2004, is ranked 18th. This situation raises questions about the reasons for such a decline.

Will Air France manage to regain its position in the top 20? Only time will tell. We hope that the airline can make a comeback. Additionally, has also established a ranking of the top 20 safest low-cost airlines in the world, including industry giants such as easyJet, Ryanair, and Vueling.

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