At the age of 21, she is already piloting an Airbus A320.

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Born into a family of aviators, it is only natural that the young woman now wishes to become a professional airline pilot.
A family tradition. Like her father and ten other members of her family, some of whom are professional pilots, Julie-Anna is passionate about aviation, to the extent that she wants to make it her profession.

A true maiden flight on Airbus A320

A dream about to come true as, for the first time in her young career, as part of her final qualification, she was able to pilot an Airbus A320.

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“There is a family tradition: when we come home from the maternity ward, we first take a maiden flight and then go home. I had my first flight just after I was born, and the passion was born when I was a baby,” she told BFMTV.

With her father, a pilot for celebrities like Johnny Hallyday and Claude François, she first flew at the age of 15. It is only natural that she continued her aviation studies in Strasbourg, a path she funded through odd jobs, as reported by L’Est Républicain.

At the age of 21 she is already piloting an Airbus A320
At the age of 21 she is already piloting an Airbus A320

70 tons versus 50 kilograms

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As part of her studies to become a certified pilot, Julie-Anna piloted an A320 for the first time two weeks ago. An experience she will not soon forget. “It’s an aircraft that weighs 70 tons, while I weigh 50 kilograms,” she says.

“I find it even more impressive that from my small self, I have the ability to make that soar. That’s what I find impressive about commercial aviation, being able to fly such large and imposing machines,” she adds.

The next step for the young woman is to find a position as an airline pilot in an airline company. Currently, only 6% of women hold this position.

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