Discover the 9 Lowest-Rated Airlines in the World: Tunisair and Nouvelair Included!

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When it comes to determining the best airlines worldwide, numerous studies unveil the top contenders throughout the year. Among the most renowned surveys is the one conducted by Skytrax, which collects feedback from millions of passengers. Familiar names such as Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Emirates consistently battle for the coveted leading positions. However, the identities of the worst-performing airlines often remain undisclosed.

Nevertheless, Skytrax possesses a separate assessment tool that doesn’t rely on customer opinions alone. This tool employs over 500 criteria established by Skytrax itself, encompassing aspects like seating comfort, restroom cleanliness, and crew language proficiency.

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Ultimately, airline quality is classified into star categories ranging from 1 to 5. Now, let’s delve into the lower end of the spectrum: Although no airlines have earned a 1-star rating, nine carriers received only two stars for their service quality. These nine airlines, according to Skytrax, represent the bottom-tier airlines globally.

The 9 Lowest-Rated Airlines in the World: Tunisair and Nouvelair Included!

  • Airblue – Pakistan
  • Boliviana de Aviacion – Bolivia
  • LAM Mozambique Airlines – Mozambique
  • Nouvelair – Tunisia
  • Onur Air – Turkey
  • PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) – Pakistan
  • Tunisair – Tunisia
  • Viva Aerobus – Mexico
  • Viva Air – Colombia
    ⚠️ Important Note: This ranking does not reflect the safety standards of these airlines.

What about Air Koryo?

For several consecutive years, the North Korean airline, Air Koryo, has consistently received a one-star rating from Skytrax, rendering it the lowest-rated airline globally. However, due to the temporary suspension of civil air traffic at the onset of the corona pandemic, Air Koryo is presently not being evaluated.

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