Cabin Luggage: The 5 Must-Have Items, According to a Former Flight Attendant

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Traveling with just one carry-on bag is quite a challenge, but many travelers manage to do it successfully. The key is to pack only the essentials, considering your destination rather than the duration of your stay, and seasoned travelers have truly grasped this concept.

Madeline Forsyth, a former Canadian flight attendant, shared her expertise with Narcity, revealing the essential items she never leaves behind on her journeys around the world.

Here are the 5 indispensable items for your cabin luggage:

1- Universal Adapter

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Madeline is not the first travel expert to mention the universal adapter. As you might know, different countries have various types and models of electrical plugs. “While traveling in European and UK countries, my electronic devices were not compatible with the power outlets,” the former flight attendant recalls.

To address this issue, she invested in a “universal adapter with multiple sockets,” allowing her to plug in multiple devices simultaneously.

2- Sunscreen

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“Sunscreen is a must in my luggage,” declares Madeline. Having sun protection readily available during your travels, especially in hot seasons, is crucial.

Health professionals emphasize this point, even revealing the main mistakes to avoid when applying sunscreen. For Madeline, “from the sunny streets of Porto to the bright alleys of Rome, I was constantly outdoors during my layovers, so having sunscreen was vital.”

3- Wrinkle Remover Spray

Fitting all your belongings into one bag, adhering to your airline’s regulations, can quickly leave your clothes wrinkled. This is a common problem faced by flight attendants as well.

“My uniform was often very wrinkled in my suitcase, even though I folded it neatly. So, I always carried a wrinkle remover spray from Downy with me,” recommends the expert.

These products work wonders between ironing sessions. Not only do they eliminate wrinkles, but “they also give clothes a sense of cleanliness and freshness.”

4- Drying Sheets

“If you have shoes in your luggage, you’re probably familiar with the unpleasant smell that greets you as soon as you open it,” shares Madeline. It’s indeed rare to travel with just one pair of shoes.

Her solution to prevent bad odors from permeating the clothes is to slip “drying sheets inside the shoes.”

5- Hand Sanitizer

According to many experts, hand sanitizer is a basic necessity during travels, and our former flight attendant confirms this.

“In airports, planes, and different countries, I’ve been exposed to countless germs,” she says. Indeed, many places like airport security checkpoints or airplane cabins have been cited as some of the dirtiest areas encountered during a journey.

That’s why hand sanitizer “has become a loyal companion.” Whether it’s in gel, spray, or wipes form, it’s always good to have something to clean your hands.

So, whether you’re jetting off to Paris, Glasgow, or any other destination, packing these five travel essentials can make your journey smoother and more enjoyable, just like the experts do it!

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