Female pilots: netizens break the Internet over pilots duo identity in 2019

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Aviation industry has been dominated by men so far .Female pilots represent a very small percentage compared to males. But history is full of many great Female examples in the field , the American family “Rexon” is an inspiring example in Females piloting. Young women should be aware that entering aviation is not impossible ,and they are free to choose that path.

Female pilots mother daughter duo
Left captain Wendy Rexon, Right Kelly Rexon.

Mother daughter duo breaks the Internet:

Back in 2019 , a Delta Airlines passenger shared a photo on his twitter rising awareness of female pilots in the aviation field.

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On Saturday 16 March, Mr John R Watret had taken a flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta with Delta Airlines. He had requested visiting the flight deck after he heard a child talking about it.

He had met the plane captain and Co captain , whom turned out to be a mother and her daughter. Captain Wendy Rexon and first officer Kelly Rexon.

Netizens reaction over the female pilots pair :

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A photograph of the pair Wendy and Kelly Rexon had shaken the internet after it was posted on twitter by Mr Watret gaining over 45k likes and 16k repostes.

Female aviation inspiring duo
Mr. Watret tweet

The tweet said this duo is inspiring “for you women ” which quickly got  attention from many people , exclaiming about  the sentence . He later then, replied to them clarifying that it was a typo and he ment that : “Rexons pair is inspiring for young women “.

Mr Watret replying to comments

Female pilots Rexon inspiring young Females:


Piloting is the family business” said Wendy Rexon a female pilot in Delta Airlines, alongside with her two daughters Kelly and Kate who grew up in a family with both parents as pilots. This environment has developed in them a liking in aviation until they both chose it as a carrier.

Wendy and her two daughters are pilots in Delta Airlines, while the husband  works in American Airlines as a pilot as well. These facts makes it really accurate for them to say that aviation is the family business.

Female pilots through history:

These are some inspiring examples, how females made themselves respected in this industry :

Women had put a foot in aviation since the Wright brothers first 12 seconds flight in 1903.

  • Katherine Wright provided her brothers with financial and moral support, she first flew with them for their flights in France 1909.
  • Baroness Raymond de laroche ,she was the first woman in the world to earn her pilot license in 1910.
  • Marthe Niel of France was  the world’s second woman to earn a pilot’s license in 1910.
  •  Harriet Quimby is the first American  woman to earn a pilot’s license in 1911.
  • Lydia Zverevs  is the first Russian woman to get pilot’s license in 1911.
  • Hilda Hewlett the first English woman to get a pilot license in 1911. Later on she became the first woman to co-found an aircraft factory.
  • Rayna kasabova is the first woman to participate in a military flight.
  • Bessie Coleman is the first black American to get a pilot license in 1921.
  • Amelia Earhart , the first woman pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean.

And female till this day , are setting their feet in aviation, whether it’s about piloting , airplanes , aircraft designs…etc.

Another mother daughter pilots duo:

It seems like Rexon is not the only family that takes piloting as the family business.

Suzy Garrett and her daughter Donna are another inspiring pair for female pilots  . They become skywest airlines first mother daughter pilot team in September 2019.

Skywest airlines female pilots

Suzy said that she was surprised how their photo went viral online and she didn’t expect that to happen. She began working for Skywest airlines since 1989 , about three decades now, but back in the days , the path to this carrier wasn’t clear.

Back then women weren’t really pilots, and pretty much the military was the only way of becoming one, but I wasn’t tall enough for the military” says Suzy.


These Female pilots shared their stories to inspire young women to follow their dreams even if it seems impossible.





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