Air new zealand : assuring passengers that 2023weight survey is anonymous

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Air new zealand has set a new requirement for passengers, they have to be weighted before any international flight from Auckland International Airport.

Air new zealand weighing international passengers

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Last July, the airline announced that they were starting to  weigh international passengers for a weight survey. This data is required by the civil aviation authority. So, they can determine an average passenger weight . The carrier explained that any information will be kept private and only used for improving fuel deficiency and flight balance.


Air New Zealand sets new measures to follow pre-flights

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Air New Zealand weigh survey has taken a place on July 2 this year.the airline started to weigh over 10000 passengers boarding international flights from Auckland international airport. In order to improve fuel efficiency .

It is not the first time the airline does do that.they started with domestic flights passenger back in 2021,but because of covid ,international passenger’s weigh survey was delayed till things set up.And now after international flights are back and passengers are increasing, it is time to apdate the old system by new data.

Air new zealand isn’t the only one setting new measures :

Another airline decided to follow, and apdate there data. South Korea largest airline started a weight survey as well last August.

Korea air has set a program to collect weigh data from August 28 to September 19, assuring people that participation is voluntary and every information would be anonymous,and it would be directly shared with South Korea Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport ,that required the information.

Passengers were set to  be weighted along with their carry-on luggage, from 28 August to 3 September in Gimpo international airport and from 8 to 9 September in Incheon international airport ,this year.

Why do airlines need passengers weigh information?

Airlines need weight data in order to make decisions about fuel and weigh distribution to ensure the safety of flights .Everything should be weighed luggage ,food , passengers, and crew.

Air new zealand explains why these information are required:

The airline said that before each takeoff,pilots must be aware of the weight and balance of the loaded aircraft.

This move came after lifting Covid-19 restrictions and the increasing of international flights over the past year.

Now that international travel is back up and running, it’s time for international flyers to weigh in,” the airline explained in a statement. And they assured passengers that their information would private even to the airline ,whic means that there was no visible display anywhere when they made passengers step on scales.

We know stepping on the scales can be daunting. We want to reassure our customers there is no visible display anywhere,”  this was Alastair James’s ,an Air New Zealand official specializing in load control,statement .

“By weighing in, you’ll be helping us fly safely and efficiently every time,” James added.

from the cargo to the meals onboard, to the luggage in the hold,“everything was weighted according to Alastair James. “For customers, crew and cabin bags, we use average weights, which we get from doing this survey.

It is not the first airline to ask travelers to weigh themselves before flying.

Finnish airline Finnair started weighing its passengers back in 2017, wanting to update over a decade-old data on average passenger weights , which belongs to the European Union Aviation Safety Agency 2009.

The authority has set options for airlines  to estimate passenger weight. First one is to periodically make surveys like Air New Zealand is doing to set up an average weight. The second option is to work with the standard weight set up by the authority.

Currently, the designated weight for people 13 and over is 86 kilograms (190 pounds), which includes carry-on luggage. It was last changed  in 2004, increasing it from 77 kilograms (170 pounds).

Statistics show New Zealanders are  heavier compared to before, adult obesity rate at 34%, up from 31% a year earlier, while childhood obesity rates increased to 13%, up from 10% a year earlier.

People’s reactions to the survey:

Some people were okay with it , saying that it’s not a big deal if it’s all about safety . Others didn’t like the idea , according to them, it’s personal information that is not needed in airports.

Air new zealand baggage policy:

The airline baggage policy allows one piece of carry-on luggage per person, including for children, and one small personal item like a laptop bag or a handbag. 

Carry-on luggage size is about maximum of 118cm (46.5 inches).  Wheels and handles are included. 

Travellers must know that when booking directly from Air new zealand website, the baggage allowance is on your e-ticket .

A traveller gets a seat and a carry-on, if more luggage is needed,  add Prepaid Extra Bags and bring the allowance up to a maximum total of three.



For more information about baggage, check here the airline website.



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