Flight Attendants Reveal 15 Secrets to Survive Summer Travel

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Summer travel can be both exciting and challenging, with crowded airports and potential delays. To navigate these obstacles successfully, flight attendants, who have extensive experience in the industry, share their expert advice. Married flight attendants Rich and Andrew Henderson, known for their social media page “Two Guys on a Plane,” along with Essence Griffin, a flight attendant with a year of experience, provide valuable tips for a smoother summer travel experience.

15 Secrets to Survive Summer Travel from Flight Attendants

1- Travel early in the day: Delays are inevitable during the busy summer months, but catching an early morning flight reduces the risk of disruptions caused by a day filled with cancellations and delays.

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2- Choose off-peak travel days: Avoid peak travel days like Friday evenings or Monday mornings when airports are busiest. Opting for less popular days, such as Tuesdays, can help you avoid crowds and potential issues.

3- Allow buffer time: If possible, leave a day between your flight’s arrival and any important events or activities you have planned. This buffer day ensures that delayed flights won’t ruin your schedule.

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4- Avoid tight connections: Give yourself ample time between connecting flights to avoid rushing and potential stress. It’s worth paying extra or exploring alternative airlines to allow for a comfortable connection, especially for international flights.

5-Read the fine print: Familiarize yourself with your airline’s policies, especially if you’ve booked through a third-party agent. Different airlines have different amenities, so knowing what to expect can prevent disappointment.

6- Download airline, airport, and flight tracker apps: These apps provide real-time updates on your flight status, boarding information, gate changes, and more. Staying informed through these apps can help reduce stress and uncertainty during your journey.

Minimalist flight attendants promote carry-on travel.
Minimalist flight attendants promote carry-on travel. Summer Travel

7- Arrive at the gate early: Plan to be at the gate well in advance of your departure time, as boarding usually begins 30 minutes prior. Being present and attentive avoids the risk of missing your flight.

8- Contact gate agents for assistance: In case of flight cancellations or delays, it’s often more effective to speak with gate agents or use online resources rather than waiting in long customer service lines. Gate agents have valuable information and can help you find alternative solutions.

9- Pack snacks: To avoid relying solely on airline food or going hungry during your journey, pack snacks like granola bars or other portable foods. Having your own provisions ensures you’re prepared for any delays or limited food options.

11- Dress for comfort and practicality: Consider the journey when choosing your attire, rather than focusing solely on your destination. The airplane environment can be unpredictable regarding temperature, so layering is recommended.

12- Consider carry-on only: If possible, opt for a carry-on bag instead of checked luggage. This not only reduces the risk of lost luggage but also makes your travel experience more convenient and efficient.

13- Pack essentials in your carry-on: Always include a change of clothes and essential toiletries in your carry-on bag. This ensures you have what you need in case of lost luggage or unexpected overnight stays.

14- Charge devices and download entertainment in advance: Download movies, shows, or books to your devices before your journey. Having entertainment readily available is essential, as in-flight screens or Wi-Fi may not always work.

15 – Secure seats in advance: If traveling with family or friends, either pay for seat selection or check in early to secure seats together. Utilize the airline app to receive notifications about check-in openings and increase your chances of sitting together.

By following these expert tips, you can enhance your summer travel experience and navigate potential challenges with greater ease and confidence.

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