Singapore Airlines flies the longest non-stop route from Singapore to New York 2023

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Singapore Airlines has broken the record by launching the world’s longest non-stop commercial passenger flight by distance from Singapore to New York. The flight is 9,537 miles (15,288 km) long and takes about 18 hours and 25 minutes.


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This Singapore Airlines’ newest route provides a non-stop service connecting Southeast Asia with the United States’ East Coast. Furthermore, it uses the special Airbus A350-900ULR aircraft designed for extra long range to meet the demand for faster long-haul travel options.

A Brief History of Singapore Airlines Longest Non-stop Flights 

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Singapore Airlines first launched the world’s longest commercial non-stop flight in 2004 between Singapore Changi Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey. They used an all-business class Airbus A340-500 plane. But, in 2013, they had to stop this flight.

Five years later, in 2018, Singapore Airlines brought back the ultra-long-haul flight with a new aircraft. At first there were only three flights per week, then they became a daily service.

In 2020, Singapore Airlines started an even longer non-stop flight from Singapore to New York’s JFK airport. Like the Newark flight, it started as three flights per week and is now a daily service.

And now, as you can see, the new Singapore to New York route surpassed the Newark route as the world’s longest commercial non-stop flight. Moreover, Singapore Airlines has stayed at the forefront of ultra-long-distance travel.

Inside the Ultra Long-Haul Airbus A350-900ULR Aircraft

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The Airbus A350-900ULR is the key to making Singapore Airlines’ ultra-long-haul route from Singapore to New York possible. In fact, Singapore Airlines collaborated closely with Airbus in order to customize the plane for non-stop flights to meet the airline’s needs.

The key capacities and features of the Airbus A350-900ULR aircraft are as follows:

Seating Capacity

The A350-900ULR can seat up to 161 passengers along with 67 business class seats and 94 premium economy seats.


The aircraft has an ultra-long range of up to 9,700 nautical miles or 17,960 km.

Fuel Capacity

It can carry 165,000 liters or 43,500 US gallons of fuel to remain airborne for over 20 hours non-stop.

singapore airlines


Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-97 engines provide high efficiency and 94,000 lbs of thrust.


Its fuselage is made from lightweight carbon fiber composites. And the wings have a high aspect ratio design to improve fuel efficiency.

Cabin Features

Higher cabin pressure and humidity, lower noise levels, dynamic LED mood lighting, and inflight WiFi connectivity.

Cargo Capacity

It can carry up to 26 LD3 containers totaling 121 m3 of cargo in the lower hold.

Advanced Navigation

It Features modern navigation systems like GPS and inertial reference systems.

 Why Have Long Flights?

According to Schlappig Ben, “It primarily comes down to new aircraft technology. In the past decade, the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 have become the backbone of many carriers’ long haul fleets, and these planes are great for airlines and passengers.”

“So yeah, long-range, fuel efficient, low capacity aircraft have done wonders for airlines when it comes to the viability of ultra long haul city pairs,” Schlappig added. “Many routes that could have previously never been profitable now make sense.”

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In other words, The A350-900ULR has fewer seats than older planes like the Boeing 747. It only seats around 250 passengers, versus 400 on a 747. Having less capacity opens up more options for long flights. 

So, it is easier for airlines to fill 250 seats and make money. The A350’s smaller size lets airlines profitably fly routes that were not possible with huge jets like the 747. The lower capacity unlocks new ultra-long-haul routes.


Singapore Airlines has once again raised the bar for excellence in the airline industry. Their new non-stop flight from Singapore to New York is a remarkable achievement, and it is a testament to the airline’s commitment to innovation and providing its passengers with the best possible travel experience.

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