Tragic Death of 11-Year-Old Child Following Emergency Landing in Budapest during a Turkish Airlines flight

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In a heartbreaking incident, an 11-year-old child passed away after experiencing a loss of consciousness during a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to New York. Despite the immediate emergency landing in Budapest and the efforts of the Airport Medical Service, the child could not be revived, as reported by the news agency MTI.

According to MTI, as soon as flight TK003 landed in Budapest on Sunday, the Airport Medical Service swiftly responded to the situation. Regrettably, despite their prompt medical attention, the child’s life could not be saved.

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According to local media reports, the cabin crew, along with a doctor who happened to be on board the flight, provided first aid to the child, who had a disability.

Upon realizing the severity of the situation, the pilots immediately contacted officials at Budapest Airport and received permission for an emergency landing. The aircraft safely touched down at 10:30 am, as reported by The Sun.

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Upon landing, medical personnel and an ambulance were waiting to receive the child and his family. They were swiftly transported to the hospital, although tragically, the child could not be saved.

After the necessary procedures were carried out, the flight, originally departing from Istanbul Airport at 8:56 am local time (6:56 am BST), resumed its journey at 2:00 pm (1:00 pm BST).

Flight tracking data indicates that the aircraft arrived at JFK Airport in New York at 3:45 pm EST (8:45 pm BST).

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