Tui Fly: Breath-Taking Landing of a Wind-Battered Boeing 737

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Aviation enthusiasts know that they must visit Madeira Airport to witness spectacular landings. Nestled at the eastern end of the Portuguese island, the airport’s single runway poses a challenge for pilots from various airlines.

Indeed, aerial maneuvers there are extremely delicate, and due to the island’s mountainous topography, the airport is among the world’s most dangerous.

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With these considerations in mind, TUI Fly’s Boeing pilots approached Madeira’s runway, and the recorded landing footage is astonishing.

Tui Fly Breath-Taking Landing of a Wind-Battered Boeing 737
Tui Fly Breath-Taking Landing of a Wind-Battered Boeing 737

Impressive Landing of a Boeing 737 in Tui Fly Crosswinds

In a matter of seconds, TUI Fly‘s Boeing 737 pilots achieved a true aerial feat. Strong winds can be heard, described as “crosswinds” in the video’s caption on Twitter, and the nearby sea is turbulent, indicating that the approaching plane is landing in windy conditions.

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The B737, bearing the colors of the Belgian airline, appears to maintain its balance until it loses altitude and encounters strong lateral gusts. At that moment, the pilots tilt the plane to the right, lowering the wing into the wind while keeping the aircraft aligned with the runway.

The Boeing still sways as the pilots in the cockpit struggle to maintain the aircraft’s stability before the crucial moment of touchdown. They eventually exit the crosswind zone, and the plane lands with less wind.

The touchdown on the asphalt is slightly abrupt, illustrated by a brief release of smoke. The plane will continue its course further down the runway.

Tui Fly Breath-Taking Landing of a Wind-Battered Boeing 737
Tui Fly Breath-Taking Landing of a Wind-Battered Boeing 737

Crosswind landings are always incredible

The video of this “superb crosswind landing of a 737 at Madeira” was posted by the Aviation account, which has over 834,000 enthusiasts. The sequence was viewed nearly 200,000 times and received 1,700 likes in just a few hours.

In the comments section, internet users heap praise on TUI Fly’s pilots for their performance. “Magnificent! If it were me, I would have aborted the landing,” writes one user, apparently a pilot.

“Experienced pilot,” “It was intense!” “Crosswind landings are always incredible,” “That’s why pilots are well-paid,” “Zigzag landing!” “Not such a stable approach,” some commenters write.

Another passenger shares their experience: “It took us 5 go-arounds and a refueling in Porto Santo to land in Madeira last year.” They add, “The pilot showed great perseverance and skill.”

information about TUI fly

TUI fly is a Belgian airline that is part of the TUI Group, one of the world’s leading tourism groups. The airline operates scheduled and charter flights to over 100 destinations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. TUI fly is known for its affordable fares and its commitment to customer service.

Here are some of the reasons why TUI fly is a good airline:

  • Affordable fares: TUI fly offers some of the most competitive fares on the market. You can often find flights for under €50, even during peak season.
  • Wide range of destinations: TUI fly flies to over 100 destinations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. This means that you can find a flight to almost anywhere you want to go.
  • Good customer service: TUI fly is committed to providing good customer service. The airline has a team of dedicated staff who are always happy to help.
  • Modern fleet: TUI fly’s fleet is made up of modern aircraft, such as the Boeing 737 MAX and the Airbus A320neo. These aircraft offer a comfortable and efficient flying experience.
  • If you are looking for an affordable and reliable airline, TUI fly is a good option. The airline offers a wide range of destinations, good customer service, and a modern fleet.

Here are some additional information:

  • The airline was founded in 2003 as Jetairfly.
  • It is headquartered in Ostend, Belgium.
  • Its main hubs are Brussels Airport and Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport.
  • operates a fleet of over 50 aircraft.
  • The airline is certified as a 3-Star Leisure Airline by Skytrax.
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