Lawsuit Accuses Delta of Overserving Alcohol to Passenger in Alleged In-Flight Assault

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A federal lawsuit filed in New York accuses Delta Air Lines of overserving alcohol to a male passenger who allegedly groped a mother and her underage daughter during an international flight. The lawsuit claims that despite repeated complaints from the victims, Delta flight attendants continued to serve the intoxicated passenger, leading to a distressing and unsafe situation.

Allegations of Inappropriate Behavior and Negligence on Delta Flight

In-Flight Incidents:
The lawsuit alleges that during the nearly nine-hour flight from New York to Athens, the male passenger engaged in inappropriate behavior, including making obscene gestures, sexually assaulting, and yelling at the 16-year-old girl seated next to him. The mother and daughter repeatedly informed flight attendants about the man’s actions and expressed feeling unsafe.

Continuous Alcohol Service Despite Concerns

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Overserving Alcohol:
According to the lawsuit, Delta flight attendants served the intoxicated passenger numerous alcoholic beverages, including approximately ten vodka on ice drinks, despite being aware of his intoxication. The mother made multiple pleas to stop serving him alcohol, but her requests were allegedly disregarded.

A Terrifying Experience for the Young Girl

Panic and Fear:
As the flight progressed, the 16-year-old girl reportedly experienced a panic attack, feeling terrified and helpless as no one seemed to address their concerns or ensure their safety. Eventually, a compassionate passenger offered to switch seats with the girl, providing her some relief.

Lack of Intervention upon Arrival

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No Police Intervention:
Upon landing in Greece, despite the mother’s request for the authorities to arrest the alleged assailant, the man was allowed to leave the aircraft without any police intervention. This raised concerns about the airline’s response and handling of the incident.

Delta’s Response

Delta’s Stance:
In response to the allegations, a Delta spokesperson emphasized the airline’s zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate or unlawful behavior by customers. They asserted that the safety of customers and staff is their top priority.

Seeking Accountability and Justice

Compensation and Punitive Damages:
The plaintiffs are seeking compensatory and punitive damages, the amount of which will be determined during the trial. CNN reached out to the plaintiffs’ attorney for additional comments.


The lawsuit against Delta Air Lines sheds light on the seriousness of overserving alcohol to passengers and the importance of addressing safety concerns on flights. As the case unfolds, it underscores the significance of holding airlines accountable for their passengers’ well-being and enforcing appropriate measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

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