Why Ryanair Discourages Bookings through Online Travel Agencies

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Ryanair advises against booking flights through online travel agencies and instead recommends reserving tickets directly on its website. This ensures passengers receive crucial information about their travel, including potential changes in departure times, delays, and flight cancellations.

Ryanair’s Cautionary Message for Online Travel Agencies

In a recent announcement, Ryanair urges its customers to always book their flights directly on its website rather than going through online travel agencies. Many of these agencies provide passengers with incorrect contact details and payment information, which can hinder their ability to manage reservations and receive vital travel updates, warns the Irish low-cost carrier.

Ryanair’s Recommendation to Prioritize Airline Websites

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The airline more broadly encourages customers to prioritize booking through airlines’ official websites. Numerous online travel agencies supply inaccurate passenger information, preventing them from managing reservations, completing necessary security declarations for travel, and receiving important updates from the airline. These updates may pertain to potential changes in departure times, delays, and flight cancellations, as highlighted by Ryanair.

Misleading Tactics of Online Agencies Highlighted by Ryanair

“Online agencies continue to mislead passengers by advertising lower fares than those offered by the airline itself. However, these so-called ‘discounted rates’ are often nothing more than bait to attract customers before imposing hidden surcharges, which can reach up to 200% in some cases,” warns the low-cost carrier.

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Ryanair‘s stance emphasizes the importance of direct bookings through their website to ensure a seamless and informed travel experience for passengers, sparing them from potential complications that may arise from using online travel agencies.

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