Air France Safety Ranking: A 2023 Report

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Air France is the flag carrier of France and one of the world’s best-reputed airlines. However, some question Air France’s safety after the 2009 and 2022 crashes.

In this article, we will discuss Air France safety ranking in 2023 and the factors that determine it.

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Air france safety ranking

Airline Safety Determining Factors

Two main factors determine airline safety:

Airline Safety Rating

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It takes into account:

  • Number of incidents and accidents.
  • Number of hull losses ( aircraft damaged beyond repair).
  • Number of fatalities.

For Air France, the Airline Safety Rating is 7/7 in 2023, indicating high safety standards.

The Airline Safety Score

It evaluates airline safety based on:

  • The number of serious incidents.
  • The number of minor incidents.
  • Aircraft types.
  • Number of flights.
  • Number of hours flown.

Air France’s airline safety score is 8.5/10, which is excellent. Moreover, these ratings indicate that Air France is a very safe airline.

Air France is IOSA Certified

Air France has the IOSA certification from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). IOSA is a safety audit that assesses an airline’s operational management and control systems. It takes over 400 criteria into consideration when doing that, including flight operations, maintenance, ground handling, cargo, and security.

The fact that Air France holds the IOSA certification means that it follows industry best practices for safety. 

Air France is a SkyTeam Alliance Member


Air france safety ranking

Joining SkyTeam requires following safety practices like IOSA implementation, accident investigation processes, and flight data analysis programs. Furthermore, this ensures that Air France safety ranking is high. 

Air France Safety Ranking in 2023 

Air France has been recognized as the top airline in Western Europe for three years, including in 2023 by Skytrax. Actually, this year, it moved up to rank 7th among global airlines after placing 8th last year, indicating that Air France safety ranking is getting better and better each year.

Air France 2023 Awards and Recognitions


Air france safety ranking

In 2023, Air France won major honors, placing 8th globally, Best in Europe for Economy, and 5 Stars from Airline Ratings

Air France also won the Best Airport Lounge, Best Lounge Dining, and Best Onboard Dining awards. In addition, Air France has earned the Diamond Health Safety Award from APEX for two consecutive years. 

Besides, it won the World Travel Awards for Best Economy in Europe and the world. Lastly, it received Best Kids Amenities from the Onboard Awards.

To say the least, this widespread recognition confirms Air France’s good reputation in quality and safety.


In summary, Air France safety ranking continues to be among the world’s top airlines in 2023. Strong safety ratings and holding the IOSA certification and SkyTeam membership reflect its focus on airline safety as a top priority. Furthermore, its recent awards and high rankings ensure that air travelers can confidently use its services for a safe and enjoyable journey.

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